Acomplishment Message from NRN-NCC President!

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Dear ACjyu,

Just wanted to congratulate you for a wonderful event of Save the Himalayas/7 Summitt and Nepal's Tourism Promotion 2011 presentation. It was my pleasure to join you along with our executive member Mr. Milan Raiji and many fellow NRN members and ex office members. Also wanted to thank Past Gen Secy Bishnu Thapaji, Past regional Director Kris Ghimireji, our Sports Tourism Promotion Coordinator Mr. Narayan Gurungji, C.K. Sherpaji and many others for attending it.  
Hariji and Ghimireji put lots of sincere effort in it and thanks to Rabina and Narayanji for being a wonderful host. NRNNCC of USA and NRN Association as a whole has always been extremely committed for such a wonderful and genuine efforts. Kudos to you and look forward to hear many more such efforts and success stories going forward.

For rest of the Board members:

It was a wonderful event held at Lumbini restaurant at Baltimore and our association is proud to be associated with. AC's presentation along with every other speaker was extremely motivating. HE Ambassador Dr. Shankar Sharmaji honored teh event with his presence. Thanks.

Suman R. Timsina


NRN National Coordination Council of USA (aka NRN America)

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